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The summer ski show

The Summer Ski Show | 17 August 2016, 9.15 p.m


The Ski & Snowboard School La Villa organizes in collaboration with the Tourist Association Badia and "THE SUMMER SKI SHOW" on 

Thursday, 18th august, 2017 at 21:15 in the center of The Villa.

DATE: 8/18/20176
TIME: 21:15 to 22:00
LOCATION: La Villa - park in front of the Ski School of La Villa

On Thursday, 18th August the green park in front of the ski school will take the white dress of a ski slope in which it will be transformed thanks to the snow of the last winter season specially set aside for an exciting summer ski show.
For the first time in Alta Badia you will see the nice, talented and updated SKI AND SNOWBOARD INSTRUCTORS of the Ski School of La Villa, along with their collaborators, gliding elegantly on an unusual (for the time) blanket/bed of in SNOW solidified water in the warm month of AUGUST, one of the hottest months of the year, and give life to a SHOW that will not be just a simple ski-show, but an event with many surprises and twists in a perspective not only technical, but also comical and theatrical.

There will be the opportunity to take refreshment in the kiosk ‘après ski’ equipped and themed for the occasion,
the office of the ski school will be open for the occasion to give information on the upcoming winter season,
and after the show, pasta party for everybody sponsored by Pasta Zara

THEMES: the past will be very briefly retraced by making some brief remarks about the history of skiing in our places, passing by the build of the first ski lift of Italy, to the founding of the Ski School of La Villa, arriving to the present day with the evolution of skiing technique and coming up to the 'celebration' of the ski World Cup on the famous Gran Risa slope. It will also be represented the skier's progression from the baby novice to the World Cup athlete, going through the start-up to competition in the ski school and ski club, all accompanied by music that fits perfectly together with each scene represented, and with light effects of a powerful recreational facility to emphasize the atmosphere.

There will be:

  • acrobatic jumps of the local group of freestylers "The Pirates"
  • the presence of famous people of world importance in the field of ski and athletes of the World Cup including a representative of the organizing committee of the Alta Badia Ski World Cup ( and Massimiliano Blardone ( with the chance to win a coupon for 2 hours of skiing with Max, lunch included at the hut Club Moritzino on Piz La Ila
  • musical entertainment with DJ
  • overflight of the paragliders ‘Airforce Alta Badia’
  • the snowcat

We expect you to spend together a beautiful funny evening.

The ski instructors of the ski and snowboard school La Villa